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Make-Up Policy

  • One make-up lesson is allowed per student, per academic year. There are no make-ups in the summer.

  • When a conflict or illness prevents you from attending your lesson, parents are encouraged to trade lesson times with another student. Parents can make contacts to exchange the usual time slot with another family and should check the time and duration of the traded lesson. ​

  • Please do not bring sick children to private or group lessons. If your child is ill and still wants to take the lesson, an online lesson is an excellent alternative. If a student stays home from school because of sickness, please do not bring them to their private lesson or group class. I will send sick children home. ​


  • Student absences from group classes will not be made-up.


  • If you are late to your lesson, the lesson will still end at the scheduled time.


  • If there is inclement weather and I am unable to teach in my studio, all lessons will be online. If I am teaching in my studio, but you are unable to come to the lesson, online lessons are available. There will be one weather-related make-up per year for lessons and classes that are canceled by the teacher due to inclement weather.  


  • Teacher absences will be rescheduled.

  • Holidays and vacations will generally follow the Boston Public School calendar. Exceptions:  Monday students have lessons on all holidays except Labor Day and Memorial Day. Please check your syllabus for dates that Sat group class does not meet.

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