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  • Lisa Lederer

Online Violin Lesson Set-Up Instructions

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

To get the most from your online, here are some hints to get ready for your online lesson. Before logging on for your lesson:

1. Find a designated learning space, away from distractions and household noise. Extraneous noises can interfere with the concentration and with the ability for both parties to hear the lesson.

2. Find a good spot to set the device. ––The student should be able to have the screen at eye level with the student’s body visible in the screen from belly button to the top of the head. ––Set up so that you can see the teacher on the screen and the music at the same time, without any contortions of the body.

3. I recommend investing in speakers and a microphone (either USB or wire connected, not Bluetooth). Speaker and mics will produce better quality sound can enhance the learning experience.

4. Gather needed supplies-- ––Computer, or large tablet (the largest reliable device possible - the computer is the best. The more clearly you can see the teacher, the better!), and with power source or fully charged. ––All of your music ––Music Stand - ––The music stand should be to the left of the student as they face the screen. ––Metronome ––Pencil ––A notebook or blank practice chart. ––Violin and case with rosin and other accessories nearby


5. Tune your violin before logging on. I will check tuning and help with adjustments, if needed.

6. Be ready with a back-up plan if your device fails or the internet goes out during the lesson. ––Have your hotspot ready, or another device handy.

––We can also Face time, Skype, Google hang or Google Meet if needed. ––Or you can finish the lesson by making a video of yourself playing the rest of your lesson assignments and then post to youtube and/or email it to me with any questions. I can then review it and send back any commends for further practice. The point of a violin lesson is to get feedback and information about your pieces and while having the teacher speak that information to you it the preference, you can still learn a lot from written comments to keep you moving to the next week.

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